Nes Ammim is a village in the North of Israel, situated between Haifa and the border to Lebanon. What is special about this village? It was founded and is inhabited by a Christian community of European volunteers. We live and work together with Israeli neighbours and colleagues, Jews and Arabs.

Volunteering in Nes Ammim is a unique opportunity to get to know Israel. By working, living and studying in Nes Ammim, our volunteers get manifold insights into daily life as well into the political situation and the different religions co-existing in the Holy Land. Volunteers work in all kind of branches. For example in the Hotel, Technical Service and the gardens. Volunteers work together with Israeli employees.

Nes Ammim has always been a place of mutual learning. Members of the volunteers’ community of Nes Ammim, but also visitors and inhabitants, get the opportunity to learn about Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and about the cultural, social, religious and political life in Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

For many years Nes Ammim has been dedicated to hosting and facilitating dialogue groups. All these activities capitalize on the trust that Nes Ammim has built over more than 50 years of solidarity with Israel and its inhabitants. In Nes Ammim, people of all ethnic, social and religious backgrounds are welcome and respected as equals.




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