For Nes Ammim’s volunteers it’s not only just hard working in Nes Ammim. They get the opportunity to participate in a unique study program which focuses on Jewish-Christian encounter, as well as interfaith dialogue. Moreover, the program gives a deep and balanced insight into the challenging diversity of the Israeli society. The study program consists of lectures, excursions, seminars and a Hebrew course. It is the most unique way to really get to know Israel, its history, cultures and challenges.

Many of the volunteers come to Nes Ammim after finishing high school or their studies. Others spend part of their professional working life in Nes Ammim or take a sabbatical to do voluntary work. Some come as pensioners who want to contribute after their regular working life. Depending on their interests, formation, working experience and duration of stay the volunteers are assigned to different branches.

Volunteers usually work 35 hours per week. Working branches are: the hotel (reception, dining hall and housekeeping), kitchen, technical services and the garden. Additionally we have special vacancies which require certain skills, education and/or experience.

During work in Nes Ammim volunteers meet many people, including other volunteers as well as locals. This is one of the inspiring aspects of Nes Ammim. Volunteering in Nes Ammim also means you can enjoy our facilities including accommodation, meals, laundry service and a pocket money system. Even a few cars are available for volunteers to use to go to the beach or somewhere else.

During their days off, volunteers hang out with each other, participate in church and community life, go to the nearby beach or plan their own trips. Israel has many interesting historical and archaeological sites, as well as beautiful nature and many vibrant tourist attractions.

The interesting mix of study and working, together with other volunteers and locals, makes volunteering in Nes Ammim a unique experience in Israel.