Nes Ammim has always been a place of mutual learning. Members of the volunteers’ community of Nes Ammim, but also visitors and inhabitants, get the opportunity to learn about Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and about the cultural, social, religious and political life in Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

The study program for volunteers contains various learning formats: lectures with discussion, half- and one-day excursions as well as three-day seminars, Hebrew lessons and the project “Work & Learn” complements the program. The study program also offers elements of dialogue through discussions with interest group representatives or encounters with local peers. Moreover, Jewish, Muslim and Christian festivals/feasts/holy days are celebrated together.

Many volunteers regard the study program as one of the key assets of their stay. Read more about it in the volunteers experience blog.

For visitors groups Nes Ammim provides special programs, which are planned according to their individual interests. Theologians can come to Nes Ammim for a sabbatical or contact semester, also connected with “Study in Israel” programs in Jerusalem.

The study department is glad to be able to cooperate with many renowned and experienced local experts and organizations.