Nes Ammim is a community of around 40 volunteers between 18 and 70 years old. Most of the volunteers are Christians of different denominations. They are of European origin and live in Nes Ammim for a period from 3 months up to 5 years. Due to the historic development of Nes Ammim, many of them are Dutch or German citizens, but Nes Ammim surely welcomes members of other nationalities.

While everyone has their own room, studio or house, the volunteers like living together in the vivid community. They share communal meals in the dining hall, go on study trips together or work together in the village. Everybody is invited to join the ecumenical church services, which take place every Sunday evening and on special holidays. Festivities, the regular bar evenings, and other spontaneous occasions offer plenty of opportunities for encounter and celebrations together.

Expansion of the village

In 2014, Nes Ammim has started one of the most exciting chapters of its history: around 90 local families started to move into newly built houses, turning the unique Christian village into an Israeli community with a population of Jews, Arabs and Europeans.

By this, Nes Ammim wants to bring the idea of learning, mutual understanding and peaceful living together to a new level. The inhabitants have the unique opportunity to be involved in building and shaping the community from the very early stage together with the volunteers. In the first year, the integration between the future inhabitants was facilitated by a professional community builder. Nowadays, the village runs a Kindergarten, after school activities, and several other activities. We also organize joint activities, which make our community flourish for the advantage of all its members.

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