Update March 1, 2024

After Oct. 7, 2023, Nes Ammim Israel allowed all volunteers to return safely to their home counties. Months later, it is now 2024, Nes Ammim has decided that volunteers are welcome again to help build the community.

These are challenging times in Israel. Especially now, the country, the people and our village need you to step up. Without a living community in the village, Nes Ammim is without a soul. Moreover, after months there is much work to do inside and outside Nes Ammim. Your contribution makes all the difference. Apply for this interesting experience in the living and working community of Nes Ammim. Contact HRM for more information at hrm@nesammim.com.

Starting in August 2024, Nes Ammim will also once again open its doors to young people (individuals or group) who are interested in committing to our community for a year or more and participating in the study program. A great opportunity for a gap year! Contact HRM for more information at hrm@nesammim.com.

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