Work & Learn

Volunteers can cover part of their working hours per week by supporting a local, social or educational institution. This will allow them personal encounters and deeper insights into Israeli society. Some examples:

Tent of Nations

The Christian Nasser family transformed their land, located in the West Bank near Bethlehem but surrounded by Israeli settlements, into the Tent of Nations, a centre of non-violent resistance. To work the land and to run the project they invite volunteers from all over the world to support them. Nes Ammim volunteers go there for a weekend to help with work like planting trees or picking olives.

Orthodox Shabbat

Volunteers have the opportunity to join a Jewish orthodox family in Moreshet to experience the rhythm of a Shabbat day. They will attend a synagogue service, walk around in streets free from vehicles and have the opportunity to ask questions about Judaism, Shabbat and many other interesting topics.

Mazra’a School Project

Students of Mazra’a school lack opportunities to practice their English. Once a week meetings are organized with students from the 9th grade on. The volunteers support the students in English conversation with games and joint activities.

Visit Holocaust survivors

Volunteers visit on a regular basis elderly women who survived the Holocaust and who now live in an elderly home in Regba.

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