Special offer for ex-volunteers and seniors

Special offer for ex-volunteers and seniors

• Are you a senior or ex-volunteer of Nes Ammim?
• Do you have no plans yet what to do in summer time?
• Would you like to experience another summer in Nes Ammim?
• Do you want to support Nes Ammim with your work in the Hotel?

June to September are known to be the busiest months in our hotel, where we need a lot of
good and motivated help!

That’s why Nes Ammim decided to offer to our seniors and ex-volunteers a special
• A stay in Nes Ammim up to 6 weeks without contribution
• Accommodation, laundry and meals are included
• Possibility to join the Study-trips
• Work activities in the Hotel, 35 hours per week

Are you joining too? You’re most welcome! Get in contact with us and set your
arrival date for this summer!

For contact with the Dutch office: post@nesammim.nl 0031 (0) 55 534 9339
For contact with the German office: info@nesammim.de 0049 (0) 211 4562 493
For contact in Nes Ammim Israel: hrm@nesammim.com 00972 (0) 54 7144117


December 17, 2017

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