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Nes Ammim is totally dependent on the hotel and financial support from abroad. Both are necessary to cover the expenses for our study and dialogue programs as well as to live as a community in Israel.
Institutional and private donations are always very much welcome, not important how small or big they are. If you appreciate the vision of Nes Ammim and want to make a donation, please contact us:
You can also transfer money directly to one of our bank accounts with the subject “donation”. A receipt will be provided upon request.

Bank accounts:
The Netherlands:
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Three exemplary projects that you can support:
Weekly bilingual circus workshop for children
Nes Ammim is planning to establish a bilingual community center in the near future for Jewish and Arabic residents of Nes Ammim and the surrounding villages. The variety of activities that will take place here aim to bring people together who share a mutual area of interest, accenting what connects them instead of their differences.
Part of these plans is to set up a weekly bilingual circus workshop for children in the age of 9-12 years old. Nes Ammim will offer – in cooperation with the Galilee Circus, an experienced organization in bilingual circus trainings – some twelve children the possibility to come together every week and practice a circus act.
The costs for such a program are relatively high, 175 Euros per week, as both a Jewish and an Arabic trainer needs to be hired. Furthermore, it will cost a lot of time and efforts to find participants as the threshold for joining such bilingual activities is high. Of course, there will be a participation fee, but to keep the workshop affordable, this amount cannot be too high and will not cover all costs.
Jewish – Christian dialogue in context: a three days seminar for students
Arab Christians who are involved in Nes Ammim’s Christian fellowship program, took the initiative to organize a three-days seminar for local theology students. The seminar will be a personal encounter for ……… 70 students from different faith traditions within Judaism and Christianity from Israel, Palestine and Europe, aiming to better understand relations between Jews and Christians in the Holy Land. A central question is how one can use interfaith dialogue as means to reach out to each other transcending the conflict, without the pretension of being able to solve it.
The seminar will take place in Nes Ammim on 20-22 October 2014. A committee, including local Jewish and Christian professionals on the field of interreligious dialogue together with Nes Ammim’s Center of Learning & Dialogue, has been working on the details of the seminar. The committee cooperates with different denominations, theological institutes and dialogue organizations in the country, to ensure that the initiative will get a broad (local) support.
The Dutch Church-in-Action promised to support the seminar also financially, the subsidy they granted will cover half of the total costs. However, we are looking for donors who are willing to sponsor local students’ participation in order to be able to reach out to as many students as possible.
Jewish – Arab women’s group from the Jerusalem Center for Jewish – Christian Relations
Zahava Neuberger-Keller got in contact with Nes Ammim through her father, orthodox chief rabbi Keller from Nahariya. After initially being suspicious about the ideas of Nes Ammim, he became one of the most fervent supporters of the movement.
A few years ago Zahava herself became involved in Nes Ammim’s Local Dialogue Committee and she brings Arab-Jewish women’s groups that she works with through JCJCR several times a year. Time after time she succeeds in bringing women with very different backgrounds together: Christian and Muslim Arabs, secular and religious Jews. The starting point in these meetings is always the combination of roles these women have within Israel’s diverse multicultural society. They are wives, mothers, grandmothers, employees or entrepreneurs, sharing questions and answers that connect them as women. There is enough room for uttering pain and emotions within the safe setting of friendship and connectedness, but the emphasis is by no means on the conflict itself.
The two days meetings in Nes Ammim – usually three or four times a year – function as bridges between the weekly encounters, with the purpose of sharing, resting, talking and having fun together. Barriers of language and culture miraculously disappear during these days.
The weekends cost 1,400 Euro each. We are looking for donors who would like to support these meaningful encounters.