Category: Updates

Nes Ammim is looking for a Hotel manager

Nes Ammim decided to offer to our seniors and ex-volunteers a special arrangement, in order to bring some more people to the community and to work in the Hotel

Yeah! Next week a group of 70 children around the age of thirteen will come to Nes Ammim!

For the first time dialogue organization The Parents Circle will come to Nes Ammim.

Heart and Soul’ is a mosaic made of up four panels of colorful hearts designed by artists Joani Rothenberg from Indianapolis, Indiana and Yael Buxbaum from Israel.

From Thursday 12 October till Saturday 14 October dialogue organization ‘Creativity For Peace’ visited Nes Ammim.

At the 11th of November the dialogue organisation Kaleidoscope visited Nes Ammim with 150 teenagers. Their presence was a very warm experience.

In Nes Ammim we have a Kristallnacht commemoration every year. This year the commemoration was very emotional.

Since Tuesday 27 October 2015 Nes Ammim has his own ‘Volunteers Fruit Garden’.

Our new website is live! After a long process with ups and downs, we are very happy to present our renewed website.